22 interesting shrimp nutrition facts

22 interesting shrimp nutrition facts - Shrimp is a very popular food in many countries. People catch them in huge quantities, and many fish and sea animals willingly feed on them, so that the complete disappearance of these creatures is saved only by their phenomenal fecundity.

shrimp nutrition facts

But modern science knows about 2,000 species of shrimp of various shapes and sizes. Only in the seas of the Far East the shrimp fauna numbers more than 100 species.

For example - the average shrimp reaches a size of 10-14 cm, small - 6 reach But there are also really huge shrimps - tiger black shrimp, whose size exceeds 30 cm in length. And their weight reaches almost a kilogram!

Curiously, the smallest shrimp are a real submarine nightmare. The noise of the shrimp's ocean-plowing layer can "blind" the submarine's sonar, stunning the acoustics through headphones.

When the submarine is located next to the “flock” of shrimps, the underwater acoustics cannot hear anything that happens around the submarine. Surprised?  Read 22 interesting shrimp nutrition facts below

22 Interesting shrimp nutrition facts

shrimp nutrition facts

  • The body size of the adult shrimp, depending on the species, is on average from 2 to 35 centimeters.
  • Many species of shrimp are hermaphroditic, that is, during their lifetime they sometimes turn from males into females.
  • Jews are forbidden to eat shrimp, as well as other marine arthropods. In Islam, there is no unambiguous point of view regarding eating shrimp.
  • Shrimps are low-calorie foods rich in calcium and protein. In addition, these animals are a good source of cholesterol. Read shrimp calories per piece here
  • Chinese artist Qi Baishi became famous for his shrimp paintings.
  • Shrimps can live in both sea and fresh water.
  • The largest shrimp on the planet is the black tiger. With a body length of 35 cm, the weight of one shrimp can reach 650 grams.
  • If the shell of frozen shrimp is orange or red in color - they have already been cooked before freezing, that is, they do not need to be re-cooked, just defrost and heat to the desired temperature.
  • Shrimps constantly fade, shedding too close shells and growing new protective shells for themselves.
  • In English, there are just two words for shrimp - shrimp and prawn. Their etymologies and causes of occurrence are extensive scientific works. check out prawn benefits here
  • Shrimps were a popular dish in ancient times - the simple inhabitants of ancient Greece and the Roman Empire preferred to bake and fry them, rather than cook them. The popularity of shrimp is explained by the simplicity of their catch, because crustaceans are found in shallow water, and they could be obtained even by scooping up water with a bucket.
  • You need to cook shrimps in just a few minutes otherwise, their tender meat will become rubbery.
  • The noise that a flock of small shrimps makes is capable of confusing the sonar of a submarine - the underwater acoustics will hear nothing but a continuous noise curtain.
  • The snapping shrimp is a tiny but very loud ocean dweller. Due to the special structure of claws, it can make a sound with the power of 200-220 dB. The deafening click of a shrimp can kill small fish, so she uses this skill to hunt
  • The pigment contained in the heads of shrimp, a beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels, is used to prevent strokes and problems with pressure, and even, they say, allows you to keep youth.
  • The shores of Japan in the warm season glow in the dark - this is due to see fireflies, luminescent shrimps that live in the sand and are clearly visible during ebb and flow
  • The ancestor of modern shrimp lived in the oceans of the Earth almost 500 million years ago.
  • Each cell of the shrimp contains 90 pairs of chromosomes (in humans only 46).
  • Shrimps on average life from one to six years, but there are also individuals living to 20 years.
  • Dried shrimp caviar remains viable for several years - if you put it in suitable conditions, healthy offspring will appear from the eggs.
  • The sounds that make shrimp are extremely dangerous for submarines - if a cluster of these creatures is located near a submarine, the sonar conveys incorrect information about objects in this direction.
  • Shrimps need to be cooked for only a few minutes otherwise, their meat will become rubbery and tasteless.

I wish you many pleasant moments in the company of these lovely and very healthy creatures! A beer mug or a glass of wine is the best accompaniment for such gatherings. And in order to make these gatherings more enjoyable, I selected some of my favorite shrimp recipes:

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